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New Release - Sugarplum Fairy

We have a lovely new costume available in store now!

The Superplum Fairy costume is a blend between ballerina and fairy, it can be used either way, or both together. For the price, the amount of accessories and options you get cannot be beat!

• Sculpted Skirt with Flexi Panels
• Sculpted Top
• Flexi Wings & Wings with Flutter Animation
• Sculpted Shoes with and without Laces
• Stockings
• Multiple Clothing Layers

This costume also comes in NUMEROUS colors, so please stop by Deviance and have a look for yourself.


Magic and Romance Hunt

Deviance will be one of the stores in the Magic & Romance Hunt which starts February 1st and runs through March 7th. The image below is the hunt prize in the Deviance store.

This hunt is one of the smaller ones, with less the 30 participants, and the object is to find the rose in each store which contains the prize. If you want any further details please visit

TP to the Magic & Romance Hunt
Deviance | TNB