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New Fairy Tale Princess Gown Colors

The new Fairy Tale Princess colors have been released. There are now 9 more to choose from. Shown below are Dark Shadow, Midnight Rose, and Mystic Night:

I've also added the Christmas items back to the store along with the matching free Santa hats. You can find both in the side room.

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Deluxe Fairy Tale Princess Gowns

These Princess gowns come loaded with options and are available in 9 colors (so far!)

Each gown comes with:

* Short and long sleeved tops + glitch pants

* 3 sets of long sleeve attachments

* 3 sets of short sleeve attachments

* 3 chest attachments

* Sculpted/Flexi skirt

And all applicable items come with both gold and silver trim!

Please feel free to send in your color suggestions as I'm going to work on adding more. And yes, I will be doing both a black and a white dress ;-)

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Drow Priestess

New today at Deviance, the Drow Priestess!

9 colors available. Each color comes with:

* Bodysuit with multiple clothing layers
* Sculpted/Flexi skirt
* Sculpted arm jewelry
* Sculpted necklace
* Spider globe with hold pose
* Copy/mod shape

The skirt, necklace, and arm jewelry come with both silver and gold metal (gold is boxed separately).

For a close-up shot of the spider please check my flickr page here.

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New Release - Fantasy Face Tattoos

New Viewer 2.0 face tattoos at Deviance!

Each tattoo comes with 3 transparencies of black and 1 white so there's something for every skin tone.

The 'All Cried Out' tattoo is the exception and comes with 3 transparencies of white, 1 black, and 1 red.

The Mistress outfits have also been updated with a Viewer 2.0 alpha layer for the boots (no more invisiprims, yay!). I've put a gift bag containing the alpha layer out on the counter so that past purchasers can get the update at their convenience.

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New Release - Dark Elementalist!

A new set of 6 colors for the Elementalist have been added today!

This outfit includes a fully sculpted top, arm bracers, and skirt with flexi panels in two sizes. It comes with both gold and silver trim + matching scepters. A shape is also included.

500L each
Minipacks (3 colors) 1000L
Multipack 1500L (all 6 colors - 50% off)

There is also a 7th color, not for sale, which you'll have two ways of acquiring. It will be a hunt prize for a limited time (I'll announce here when that starts) and after that will only be available as a bonus in the Multipack.

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New Release - The Elementalist

Deviance has lots of news to share today!!

First we are pleased to announce our new release - The Elementalist.

This release includes a fully sculpted top, arm braces and skirt with flexi panels. It comes in 2 sizes, a shape for easy fitting and both the Silver and Gold trim options. You also get a special focus, depending upon which you purchase, that has an animated texture, and holding pose!

500L$ each
Minipack (3 colors) 1000L$
Full Pack 1800L$ (60% discount!)

**Lots more color selections in store**

Right now our Lucky Chair has a special Rainbow version of The Elementalist in it, so head down to try your luck!

We've also introduced a Lucky Cupcake recently for more added gifts that you can get at Deviance. The cupcake is full of great prizes that aren't available for sale in store, some of them are:
  • Kitty stampede jeans in 4 colors
  • Demon's Mistress costume in Black & White
  • Blue Belle
  • PirateMate in 2 colors
  • Sunset Fairy Wings
We will be adding new ones in the future, so make sure to check back often!

We hope you enjoy the new release and gifts!

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Deviance New Release & Update!

Deviance has a new release! Some fantastic new shorts:

The shorts are being sold for an amazing 75L$ per pair!
(Multipack 300L$ *50%off*)


In addition to the newness Surreal has updated the Leather pants with some improved shading on the booty, as well as adding sculpted leg pieces.

The update for those who have purchased a pair of leather pants is FREE, you should have already received your new pair. If you haven't please get in touch with Surreal LeShelle. (going forward the pants will be sold with both the old and new versions)

And lastly, as always Deviance has a group gift for you! The lovely new leather shorts in Violet, ENJOY!! <3
Head on down to Deviance to pick up a couple more pairs of new shorts:

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