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Fairy Princess Costume

Deviance's Fairy Princess costume is probably one of my very favorites. Not only because of the amazing detail, on the texutring and prim work, but also because this gown can easily be used as a wedding gown.

The laced up back detailing that was created by Surreal adds to the entire look, and so does the puffed sculpted sleeves, and prim bodice ruffles.

With the Fairy Princess costume, you get 2 different sleeve styles, one short, and one with long flexi parts. You also get the wings, and the head wreath. It all comes together perfectly.

I should also mention that it is available in multiple colors!

Stop by Deviance today to have a better look for yourself, and check out all of the other costumes!

Sorceress Costume

This great Seductive Sorceress Costume that we are featuring today comes with the complete costume and accessories shown in the images below.

Which means you also get the armbands, headpiece and staff. In addition to all of that, you are given the shape, for easy fitting.

As you can see it does come in multiple colors; the rich red/gold combo and also the white/silver set.

You can check these costumes out in person at Deviance, amongst tons of other great costumes, for your upcoming Halloween needs!

Witch Costume

Since Halloween is right around the corner, we thought we'd share some of our most popular costumes over the next few weeks... to get everyone in the spirit!

This first feature is The Witch, in Red. This costume includes everything pictured below, all clothing and accessories. Yes, that means you get the Hat & Broom too! Most of the clothing comes on multiple layers, and the corset comes on a jacket layer (which means you can use it with other looks as well!). There is both a long skirt and short skirt option included as well.

Be sure to stop by Deviance and check out all of our other costumes too!

Keep an eye out for another featured costume later this week!
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