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Deviance - NEW Christmas Boots, Group Gift + a FREEBIE!

Lots of exciting stuff to share today!!

Deviance has now released some special sculpted holiday boots!

The bonus is, with just one purchase, you get all of the colors, which match all of Deviance's Christmaswear!

Plus you get both sizes, so you can fit them perfectly to your feet.

If you don't already belong to the Deviance group...NOW would be an excellent time to head down to the store and join the group....Why you ask?!

Because we are giving out a SPECIAL Holiday gift to the group, and you must be a member to receive it!

There is also a *FREE* Gift down at Deviance, a special pair of these fantastic boots in pink.

We are wishing you all a happy and healthy holiday, however you may spend it!

Get all the goodness here.... TP TO DEVIANCE

Holidays @ Deviance

Now available at Deviance: Santa's Sexy Helper & Santa's Sweetie

There is even a gift from Deviance to you located near the Christmas looks!!

Santa's Sexy Helper - A fun belted 2 piece take on the Christmas Elf.

Available in 5 colors!

• Top
• Bottom
• Sculpty Santa Hat
• Colored Stockings
• Sheer Stockings

Santa's Sweetie - Sexy little mini dress complete with fur trim and mistletoe!

Available in 5 colors!

• Top
• Shorts
• Fur “Skirt”
• Sculpty Santa Hat
• Holly Deco
• Stockings

Stop by to shop & pick up your gift today... TP TO DEVIANCE
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