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New Release - The Elementalist

Deviance has lots of news to share today!!

First we are pleased to announce our new release - The Elementalist.

This release includes a fully sculpted top, arm braces and skirt with flexi panels. It comes in 2 sizes, a shape for easy fitting and both the Silver and Gold trim options. You also get a special focus, depending upon which you purchase, that has an animated texture, and holding pose!

500L$ each
Minipack (3 colors) 1000L$
Full Pack 1800L$ (60% discount!)

**Lots more color selections in store**

Right now our Lucky Chair has a special Rainbow version of The Elementalist in it, so head down to try your luck!

We've also introduced a Lucky Cupcake recently for more added gifts that you can get at Deviance. The cupcake is full of great prizes that aren't available for sale in store, some of them are:
  • Kitty stampede jeans in 4 colors
  • Demon's Mistress costume in Black & White
  • Blue Belle
  • PirateMate in 2 colors
  • Sunset Fairy Wings
We will be adding new ones in the future, so make sure to check back often!

We hope you enjoy the new release and gifts!

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